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Asphalt Paving and Re-Paving in Toronto and the Surrounding Areas

Asphalt Paving

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Is your business in need of quality paving for a private road or service lot? Perhaps you are a homeowner looking to have your driveway re-paved? No matter your paving or re-paving needs, Northwest Paving (1987) Ltd is here to provide the services you require.


Our skilled team has worked on countless projects throughout Toronto and the surrounding areas, including large industrial and commercial projects.

New Construction Paving

When laying new asphalt, our team pays attention to even the smallest of details. We provide the initial excavation and grading, and then we will apply a layer of aggregate to serve as a base. Finally, a durable asphalt mix will be laid down, compacted, and smoothed for a perfectly even surface.


Depending on various factors, including levels of traffic, weather, and quality of asphalt, your pavement may develop cracks and signs of wear. If the damage is significant, it may require re-paving services. At Northwest Paving (1987) Ltd, we remove the old asphalt and ensure that the existing aggregate base is up to our high standards. We will then apply the new asphalt.


For minor pavement issues, the quickest and most economical solution may be to add a new layer of asphalt over the existing layer to re-surface the pavement.


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If you are looking to have a new sidewalk or curb constructed in Etobicoke or the surrounding areas, rely on Northwest Paving (1987) Ltd. We can work with you from start to finish, and ensure your complete satisfaction.


For sidewalk construction, we offer colored concrete for a truly custom look, and we are also happy to handle any additional concrete work that you may require.

Repair Services

Crumbling sidewalks and curbs not only look bad, but they can also be hazardous. If you have noticed cracks, uneven surfaces, or other issues, contact us to receive a free quote on repairs. With our specialized equipment and skills, we can bring your sidewalks and curbs back to like-new condition.


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The appearance of cracks in the pavement is one of the most common issues that we see at Northwest Paving (1987) Ltd. Often, customers will wait until these cracks have spread before calling for assistance, but this means that repairs will be more extensive. Why wait? With a quick call to us, we can have all cracks and joints sealed to protect your asphalt and concrete from further damage.


Having sealed it today, you could be protecting yourself from more expensive crack repairs in the future.

Line Marking

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Finish off your newly paved parking lot or roadway with custom line marking. Northwest Paving (1987) Ltd can mark pavement in different colors and designs, according to your specifications.


Besides applying new markings, we can also remark areas with a fresh coat of paint, where lines and signage have faded.

Line Removal

If you are repurposing a paved area or changing its layout, our team can remove all lines using a specialized grinder that will not cause any damage to the paved surface.

Seal Coating

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Asphalt sealing is one of the best ways to protect your pavement. Seal coating is often applied to new pavements in order to protect against weather elements and other destructive factors. This topcoat also improves the look of the asphalt and makes it easier to clean.


Having your asphalt regularly maintained with the reapplication of seal coating will keep it in better condition, for longer. Heavier coatings can even be laid down for high-traffic areas.


This economical maintenance technique is one way to avoid more expensive repairs in the future. Contact us at Northwest Paving (1987) Ltd to learn more about asphalt sealing.

Plaza/Parking Lot

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Northwest Paving (1987) Ltd is the right company to call, for your plaza or parking lot maintenance and paving needs. We have worked on countless lots throughout Toronto and Etobicoke. What makes us different is that we handle all aspects of paving and maintaining your lot.


We can provide the initial paving and line marking services, and then, as time goes by, we can apply seal coating and offer re-surfacing and re-paving.


To keep your plaza or parking lot looking its best, call Northwest Paving (1987) Ltd for parking lot maintenance.

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If you have questions about a paving project, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We offer free estimates and highly competitive prices.

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